How We Started Suicide Anonymous

This is how Suicide Anonymous got off the ground – the first Twelve-Step program for people addicted to suicide. It has been, quite literally, a life-saver. The power of Suicide Anonymous is not easy to describe; it has to be experienced.

Unlike religious organizations, Suicide Anonymous does not judge suicide as a sin; members can share their stories without fearing condemnation. Unlike mental health professionals, Suicide Anonymous had no obligation to commit suicidal people to psychiatric hospitals.

We can safely attend meetings without the fear of being “thrown in a mental hospital.”

Those of us who were in on it from the beginning are still dumbfounded by its strength. Many of us have years of experience with the Twelve Steps in other fellowships. but we found a fresh and vital energy within Suicide Anonymous.

Does the power come from ourselves or our subject matter, or is it a gift of God? The answer really doesn’t matter. For us, our hope is in the meetings of Suicide Anonymous.